VoiceThread Docs

Account/Content Deletion

VoiceThread does not delete any accounts, enrollment data, or content except by the account owner’s or license administrator’s request.

The Administrator for an active license has the ability to delete any account or content under that license it at any time. For more about what it means to be part of a VoiceThread license, click here.

If an account is deleted, any content belonging to that account is also deleted. This includes VoiceThreads and comments.

If an account is part of a license that is managed by someone else (a school, university, or business), it remains active for as long as the license is active or until an administrator deletes it. Once a license has lapsed, accounts under that license will be inaccessible, but all content will be preserved indefinitely unless the organization has a license agreement stating otherwise. If the license is reactivated in the future, disabled accounts that were not deleted will be re-enabled.

Deleted Content

Once content or user information has been deleted from VoiceThread, it is no longer visible to end users. The following describes how long different types of data are kept on VoiceThread’s servers.

  • After 30 days: Full database backups are discarded. Database backups allow full reconstruction of the VoiceThread service for any point in time in the event of a disaster or malicious content removal. All personally identifiable information (PII) is removed, but anonymized data is kept for internal performance analysis.
  • After 90 days: All deleted data fully purged.